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Things to See and Do in Suwanee

Exploring life in Suwanee is a good decision, and here are fun things to know:

*SUWANEE TOWN CENTER – Come take a stroll or a jog, bring a friend or your dog, fly a kite or ride your bike at Suwanee’s Town Center Park. Suwanee’s “front yard,” the 10-acre Town Center Park, features 1 mile of strolling and rolling surfaces, with three interlinking elliptical pathways and sidewalks; more than 200 maple, gum, sycamore and oak trees; four garden areas; park benches and traditional light poles; and a terraced amphitheater with seating for 1,000. The amphitheater stage provides a backdrop for concerts and other performances that draw audiences from around the region.

*SUWANEE DAY – is the town’s top event. Suwanee Day exhibitors offer an eclectic array of handcrafted items and delicious delights. Festival exhibitors include fine artists, talented craftspeople, and food vendors who have a flair for flavor.

*GEORGE PIERCE PARK – Amenities include 304 acres, community recreation center, Gwinnett Senior Learning Center, outdoor basketball courts, playground, five soccer fields, football/multi-purpose field, seven youth baseball/softball fields, two adult softball fields, pavilions, restrooms, 2.6-mile paved multi-purpose trail, 1-mile soft surface trail, grill, and pond.

*PEACHTREE RIDGE PARK – Amenities include 156 acres, handicap accessible ball field and playground for children with special needs · Three baseball/softball fields, football field with lighted walking track, two soccer fields, outdoor basketball courts, playground, pavilion, restrooms, 1-mile paved multi-purpose trail.

*SETTLES BRIDGE PARK – Amenities include 268 acres, skate complex, outdoor basketball courts, dog park area, playground, pavilions, restrooms, 1.6-mile paved multi-purpose trail, 2.9-mile soft surface trail, and grill.  This park is open from sunrise until sunset unless posted otherwise.


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